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listening music is a great time pass

Posted by afreenmostafa09 on September 15, 2008


Musicis a passion.Its a great time passfor all  generatin,moreover music kills time and gives life  to people.Recently people are more involved in music,as there are  so many different kinds of music,there are English,Bangla,Hindi and many more. Music has a great influence or impact on me.Music supports mea lot and it can be a good friend as by listing to it i forget all my bad times or the other way round.When i am happy or enjoying i listen to   music which gives me moral support.

Like   when i am happy or having bad time i share my problems with my friends,which also give us moral support.        Now-a days i see that people have a great hobbys on music, as i can say people learn music,they even write musicand publish their own cds.     I love music a lot.I can spend my whole day only by listening music.


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The role of music in Bangladeshi weddings

Posted by afreenmostafa09 on December 1, 2008




Music has become a very important part of Bangladeshi weddings.

Now people actually cant think of a wedding without music. Since Bangladesh is a Muslim country I will be talking about Muslim weddings.


There are four parts in Muslim weddings. Two Holuds, the wedding and the reception ceremony. The holuds are mainly the ceremony where music is an important part. Because in these holuds people actually dance and have fun.


And for last few years people plan dancing performances in holuds. So without music holuds actually become very dull. I can share one of experiences of holuds. It was my cousins wedding last year. So me and some of my cousins we planed of a dancing performance for her holud. So first of all we selected four songs we were going to dance on.


Then we started choreographing the songs. It took us three days to choreograph three songs. Then we rehearsed for almost one month . then we performed on her holud. It was a very good performance by us. Everyone loved our performance on that holud. It was a nice memory for us. Now whenever we think of weddings of our cousins, first thing we think is about the holud and the performances that we are going to perform.


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My favourite singers and bands in abroad

Posted by afreenmostafa09 on November 30, 2008


There are many artists and bands I like. I usually like bands and singers based on their lyrics and tune. Different kind of music attracts me a lot. I am more into slow melodious songs.


My favourite singers and bands are Nikelback, Jason marz, coldplay, Matchbox 20, Guns N Roses, James Blunt, Eagles, Brian adams,  and many more. Many songs of these bands are my favourites.

Such as, gotta be somebody, I’d come for you by Nickelback. Then yellow, lost, violet hill, yes etc by coldplay. One of mactbox songs is my most favourites, the song is called, “if your gone.”


There is a legendary song by eagles called Hotel California. This songs is one of my all time favourites. The song you are beautiful by James Blunt is very special to me. I don’t know why this songs attracts me a lot. The song how to save a life by the Fray is a very touching song. It has very good lyrics. And there is a songs called fix you by coldplay. I always listen to the song when m on a journey or sowhere out.


Like all these songs there are many songs of many different singers and bands which I listen to in different moments. And I enjoy that moment even more with these songs. Actually I can’t think of my life without music. Music plays a very important part in my life.

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Band music of Bangladesh

Posted by afreenmostafa09 on November 30, 2008







Bangladesh band history starts from 1974/75. the first band of Bangladesh is called Bangladesh. The founder of the band is Mr. Rumi omer. He was an ex football player. Then many bands formed. in the old bands there are many bands who are still going very strong. The band Bangladesh has again started after few years of break. But there is “miles”, there is L.R.B, Souls, Prometheus and many other bands who are going very well since they started.


Now Bangladesh has huge numbers of bands. There are new bands coming up and they good as well. There are many band search contests taking place in our country through which every year many good underground bands are coming in the limelight.


In the new bands some bands are very popular amongst the youngsters of our country. They are Artcell, Warfaze, yaatri, Aurthohin, Prayer hall, Bangla, Dolchut and many more. And the quality and variation in band music of Bangladesh is exploring.


Bangladeshi bands are now being  called in international events as well. Last year the band Bangla was called for a concert for Aids in USA. And they performed on the same stage where Sting, Sir Elton john, Maria carrie performed.


So the more time is passing the successful our band music is being. The day is not so far when songs of Bangladeshi bands will be in the world music top chart.






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Folk music of Bangladesh

Posted by afreenmostafa09 on October 13, 2008






Bangladeshi culture is very rich in case of music. Bangladeshi folk music is now being recognized by many current musicians in our country and abroad as well. There are many kinds in our folk music. Such as, Jaari,Shaari,Bhatiali,Bhaoai,Lalon and many more. All these kinds of Bangladeshi folk music are different from each other based on their lyrics, area and source of these music.


Among all these kinds my most favourite music is Lalon. Because the kind of tune Lalon music have is very touching and the has made a different identity for Lalon songs. The name Lalon was kept after the writer of these songs “Lalon shah”. He was also known as Lalon fakir.


For last few years many young musicians are experimenting on lalon songs. They are specially trying to make Lalon songs better by singing them with developed modern day instruments. Bands like Bangla, miles, Lalon are some bands who are working on Lalon songs. My most favourite songs of lalon are “ami opar hoye”, “kala re”, khachar bhetor”, “tui je amar mon” and many more. All I can say that Bangla music is very rich for its different tune and lyrics and Lalon songs have made Bangla music even more rich

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I like hindi music

Posted by afreenmostafa09 on October 11, 2008


In last 10 years Indian music industry has improved a lot. Indian music is now very popular all over the world. I think the main reason behind it is because Indian musicians have brought a western flavour along with the Indian flavour. So day by day Indian music is making a mark in world music.

I am also a Indian music fan. I like the songs which has good lyrics and tune in it. Mostly I like soft Hindi songs. But sometimes I like dance tracks as well. There are many films those I like for their music. But the latest one I liked is called “RACE”. The movie is a very good movie to watch and its music is even better. So far Race is my most favourite movie in terms of story and music together. There are many other movies that have very good music in it. Such as, Rock on, Dil chahta hai, Sawariya, RHTDM and many more.


There are many artists who I like a lot in India.

For example, Keilash kher, Sonu nigam, Bombay Vikings, Sunidhi chouhan, kk, Shaan and many more.


All I got to say is, Indian music industry improved and came up to this position today because of their hard work and quality. That’s why Indian music is now very much popular not only in Asia but also now in western countries as well.



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Habib, the new music sensation of Bangladesh

Posted by afreenmostafa09 on September 25, 2008

The new music craze of Bangladesh is called Habib. His full name is Habib Wahid. He is the son of Ferdous Wahid. Fredous wahid himself was a famous singer in 80s.

So as a result Habib always had music in himself.

Habib started his music career in Bangladesh by the hit album called Krishno(2003). In this album he introduced remixed folk music. And this album was a very big success. And listeners of all classes liked his album. After that his second album was Maya (2004). In this album all of the songs are fusion of folk songs. My favourite song from the album is Mon mojaiya. This album was a different one from the first one.

His third album was Moina go. In this album my most favourite song is “Din gelo”. In this album he included two songs which r written and composed by him for the first time. And these songs are my favourites in the album. Because the lyric of these songs are very touching.After that there all other albums he worked in were very big success.

I like Habib so much that I never miss his concerts ever. Even whenever I see any kind of interview or articles about Habib in magazines I collect those interviews and articles. I have a big poster in my room of Habib.

In the end all I can say is, habib has introduced a new trend to Bangladesh music. And I believe that Habib can enrich the music of our country by his intelligence in music.

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Music is my Passion

Posted by afreenmostafa09 on September 23, 2008

Most of my days goes to by listening to music.I constantly have loud music playing in my room.One of my favourite singer from my country is Habib.He has a soft voice and basicallly plays soft music with a loud base.My another favourate international singer is Shakira.I like her fast music like whenever wherever and from her last album hips dont lie.I am so fasinated abouted music that I even attented music concerts.Even in my car music is playing all the time. I have a lots of cds of variety kind of music.I have the all the album of Shakria  and Habib.I love both rnb and the hiphop music the most.Listening to music become a part of my life.I can’t think about a day without music.

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